Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy

Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy

Little Lamb
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Size One


Size Two



If you're looking for a super thirsty nappy, Little Lamb fitted nappies will not disappoint! Use these nappies in conjunction with a waterproof nappy cover.

They come in two sizes, size 1 and size 2.

Each bamboo nappy also comes with a washable fleecy liner.


Sizing: Size 1 - 7-20lbs (3-9kg). Size 2 - 20-38lbs (9-17kgs)

Type: Fitted Nappy

Fastenings: Velcro

Inserts: 1 bamboo booster included (sewn in to the size 2 nappies, seperate for the size 1s)

Washing & Care: Little Lamb recommend washing at 40 degrees

Drying time: Slow

Materials: Nappy & booster: 90% Oeko-tex bamboo, 10% microfibre. Fleecy liner: 100% polyester.

Good for: Overnight use

Cloth Boxed comments: In the size 2 nappy the booster is sewn in - whereas the size 1 it is seperate