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Cloth Boxed Surprise Nappy Box!

Cloth Boxed Surprise Nappy Box!

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Our surprise nappy boxes contain a random mixture of products great as a gift or to boost your nappy stash if it needs a lift.

The total value of your box will be at least 15% more than the total RRP!

Nappy boxes contain:

Complete nappies (pockets, AIOs, AI2s), nappy covers, fitted nappies, flat/terry nappies/bundles, liners and boosters/inserts 

Small boxes contain at least one complete nappy, large boxes contain at least 2 complete nappies.

Please note items in surprise boxes are non returnable - unless you find a fault. If you've ordered from us recently and do not want to receive a double just leave us a comment at the checkout!

We keep colours and prints neutral in our mystery box.