Unfortunately we have had an influx of messages regarding orders abroad for items we never sold such as dog beds and toys. We believed these were spam messages at first and now believe that someone is impersonating our business.

It seems a fraudulent business is using our business name to scam people


- We only sold cloth nappies for babies

- We were a legitimate business, who only shipped to the UK and NEVER abroad

- We only sold through our website and not through ads on instagram/facebook etc. and never through bank transfers

- Our business is not trading any more

- Please contact your bank if you believe you have been scammed by the advert to try and recoup your funds. NEVER order through facebook/instagram adverts and NEVER use unprotected methods of payment such as bank transfers

- We have reported to this to the UK Action Fraud team and to Facebook

- PLEASE report the facebook advert/instagram advert when you see it and if it leads to a website please report the website to the page that you found it through (facebook, instagram etc.)