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Tips and tricks

Here I've compiled some tips and tricks I've learnt along the way from some of the amazing parents in the cloth nappy community.

In the UK, a lot of councils have cloth nappy incentive schemes. They may be able to offer you a voucher, a trial kit or cash back when you send them proof of purchase of cloth nappies.

If money is tight, check eBay, your local gumtree listings and facebook marketplace for used nappies. Used nappies are affectionately listed as 'preloved'. Take a close look at the pictures to make sure they are in good condition, certain nappies the elastics can lapse. Ask how many children they have been used for and their wash routine.

When buying preloved nappies, you will need to strip and sanitise them. This website can guide you on how to do this and what items you should be doing this for.

Flip all in one nappies inside out on your airer so that they dry quicker.

Invest in a socktapus if space is limited, then you can hang inserts and shells without them taking up a lot of space.

The sun is a natural bleach, so if you have any stained items, be sure to take advantage of the sun when drying.

You can never have enough wetbags scattered around the house.

100% cloth is amazing but there is no shame in using disposables in conjunction with cloth. If you use disposables at night, or disposables when out of the house or disposables for every change bar one - you are still preventing hundreds of disposables from ending up in landfill. You are doing your part.

Terry nappies make a great cover for the changing mat in case of any accidents during changing.

Prefolds are great to use as dish cloths once your baby is potty trained!

Dig out your washing machine manual and read it cover to cover when you first start your cloth journey. You need to know what cycles it can do and what will work for your routine. When the baby's taking a nap, curl up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and settle down to your washing machine guidebook. Pure bliss.