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How do I fit a cloth nappy properly?

Cloth nappies at first glance look complicated with their multiple poppers and fastenings but there are a few basic checks you can do to ensure the fit is correct for a popper nappy:

1. Place baby’s bum down on the nappy, ensuring the top of the back of the nappy is in line with the hips (this is significantly lower than if you were using a disposable.)

2. Use your hand to then hold the middle of the nappy, squeezing it slightly it in your hands so that as you bring it up between baby’s legs, it fits neatly in the knicker line (note that some nappies such as certain Little Lovebum and Petit Lulu nappies, these can be resting on the thighs instead of in the knicker line)

3. Whilst holding the middle of the nappy in one hand, use your free hand to take one wing of the nappy, gently pulling it up and across and popping the hip popper first if you can. You want a snug fit without being tight (run your finger around the leg hole – if you can’t do this comfortably, it’s too tight.)

4. Popper the waist snap(s) – again these do not need to be too tight. Gapping at the top of the nappy is fine and normal and usually will not cause any leaks unless fabric is poking out.

5. Push your fingers up in between the rise poppers, pushing any excess fabric upwards.

6. Do your final checks and run your finger around the legs, making sure they are tucked into the knicker line comfortably and that no inserts, liners, or inner lining of the nappy are poking out and there aren’t any big gaps anywhere.

Important notes:

Symmetry is not necessary! You do not have to have the same amount of poppers on one side as the other. Focus on comfort and fit and not appearances.

For velcro fastened nappies follow the fit guidance above. If your baby is having any redness from the velcro rubbing on the tummy, try pointing the velcro downwards when you fasten instead of in line with the velcro.

Light sock marks (pink marks on skin) that fade by the next nappy change are normal! Red, painful looking marks/blisters are not – this is most likely caused by nappies that are too tight but can be due to the wash routine.