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Introducing 'Great Plains' - the latest endangered animal collection from Close

Cheetah and Bear are the latest endangered animals that Close has focused on for their brand new Great Plains collection.
Read the stories below as to why they have chosen to represent these 2 animals in their newest prints;
Cheetah Print Story

It’s the middle of the day on the Savanna. Most animals are taking a nap but not Spot the inquisitive cheetah cub, he is up and asking Mum if he can go explore. He is the fastest in the family and keeps his Mum on her toes, in fact she can barely keep up! Fortunately for her Boris the bossy vulture soars high above, keeping tabs and ensuring he doesn’t get into too much mischief or stray too far from home! 

More about Cheetahs…Cheetahs are well known for being the fastest land animals who can reach speeds of up to 120km’s. But did you know less than 8000 now exist in the wild, whereas at the turn of the century it is estimated to be more than 100,000 roamed the plains. The continuation of the species is severely threatened by habitat destruction, hunting and even their own genetics as their reproductive success rates are very low.

Bear Print Story

Around the mountains and down through the pine woods, Mumma bear Molly is taking her little bear cub Rufus on his first big adventure to the river today to learn to fish. Halfway there his little legs get tired and he announces to Mum he simply can’t walk another step, so he has to hop on for apiggyback with Mum the rest of the way which sounds oddly familiar! 

More about Grizzly’s…. They are also known as the North American brown bear, Grizzly’s were added to the endangered list back in 1975. Back then less than a few hundred wild bears existed in the 48 lower states of America and extinction in this region looked certain. Thankfully, this step was the catalyst for great work and change and today there are now more than 1,500 Grizzly’s roam wild in the same region but remain listed as endangered. The reproductive rate of a Grizzly is also extremely low, in fact they are one of the least reproductive mammals in North America. They will nurse there young for around 2-3 years on average and may only produce 1-2 cubs every 1-3 years. So over 10 years one Mumma bear might bring 15 bears to maturity, whereas white tailed deer could produce 1,400 descendants over the same period.
We have both new prints available in their reusable popper nappy and reusable popper nappy wrap!