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Hello 2021, Bye Bye Tampon Tax!

Happy New Year to all of our lovely customers! Thank you for making our first year a sucessful one, we are so grateful for every purchase, every review and every page view.


Let's hope for a calmer 2021 and a progression back to normality.


2021 has started off with some great news. You may have seen the announcement from the government re the abolishment of the "tampon tax" - the 5% tax on period products (including reusables).
The abolishment of this tax means it would save the average sanitary product user around £40 over their lifetime (hooray!)
It's up to the individual brands whether to incorporate this reduction into their selling price. Baba + Boo and Bloom & Nora have reduced the price of their reusable cloth pads and we have reflected this in our prices too, so it's the perfect time to try out cloth pads or add a couple to your stash.